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At ShareIn we are big believers in autonomy; the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision.

It’s a quality we look for in the people that work here. Those that really thrive at ShareIn are hungry for autonomy and, its close bedfellow, responsibility.

This belief is also embodied in the work we do. Individuals equipped with reliable information and quality tools are empowered to make the best investment decisions for themselves. We really believe that.

Since 2015 we’ve been helping our customers remove layers of bureaucracy and helping make investment opportunities and information more transparent and more easily accessible. These aren’t just empty words; this belief can be seen in our actions. In 2018 we put our compliance manual online, for free – a first for this industry. This year we built a payments system that ensures we can continue to enable investors to make direct, tax efficient, investments in a compliant way.

The right investment choice is the one that it correct for you. Your interests, preferences, plans and ambitions are unique and your investment decisions will be also. Only you can make the right choice.

At ShareIn we’re working to make sure that when you’re ready you can take action on the decisions that are right for you.

Enable change with direct investment