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Property deals

We’ve been working hard to build a world class white label property crowdfunding platform that can be tailored to your specifications. Easily create investment opportunities and raise capital your way with our comprehesive and compliant solution.
Whatever type of real estate we can help – residential, commercial or new developments. Structured how you wish.
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Equity deals

List equity investments on your platform and investors can buy shares. ShareIn facilitate the entire transaction including generating share certificates.
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Offer crowd bonds to your investors. Through our platform coupons are paid into a wallet on your platform – so no more posting cheques.
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Whether you are an IF ISA Manager yourself or you’d like help with that we have the functionality to enable you to put eligible investments in an ISA wrapper on your platform and facilitate ISA Transfers.
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Hold client money so your clients can make payins, hold their money in a segregated client money account, transfer money and make pay outs.
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Why Use A ShareIn White Label Solution?

ShareIn are one of the founding members of the UK Crowdfunding Association.

ShareIn have a wealth of industry experience in this nascent market. We were founded in 2011.

ShareIn have a unique offering – both a technology AND compliance solution. So if you’re regulated directly we’re a safe pair of hands.

Product examples for multiple clients

Ready to raise capital your way?