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Modern Slavery Statement


ShareIn is committed to better understanding the growing risks that slavery poses in the modern world, and ensuring any acts within our business and supply chains are identified and managed accordingly. We recognise that Modern Slavery can arise in any sector or industry and we take seriously our responsibility to ensure both ShareIn’s internal organisation and our external suppliers share this acknowledgement of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our commitment is underpinned by a framework of policies and procedures already in place.

Organisational structure

ShareIn is an online investment fintech and compliance services provider with a mission for all investments to be online. We provide a technology platform to a mixture of public and private sector clients across a range of industries, all of which are based within the UK.

We consider third parties who represent us and suppliers who provide goods and/ or services as an extension of our business who will respect the intrinsic ShareIn values. Further, we require our suppliers to ensure that all products and services supplied have been produced in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Given the robust UK legislative framework, the risk of infringement for our employees and supplier employees working in our UK offices is low. Nevertheless, we recognise our responsibility to identify and address any potential violations. Therefore, we have put procedures in place to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the same standards as we apply to ourselves via a number of due diligence processes, these being overseen by our Compliance Team and endorsed by our leadership team and Board.

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