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Technology is one of the two key pillars of our business, the other being compliance. Bringing those areas of expertise together we provide regulated white label investment platforms for customers throughout the UK and beyond.

Early on in ShareIn’s journey we chose to build our own platform, in house, ourselves. To this day all deployed code has been written by the ShareIn tech team. Our platform is such a vital part of our business proposition that we needed full control over software development and the direction of product evolution.

Our stack

At its core the ShareIn application is a multi-tenant web application running many high volume transactional websites. It’s written in ASP.NET MVC and uses SQL Azure as a primary data store. We deploy to Azure app service and make good use of Azure’s scalable hosting ecosystem. ShareIn has embraced a ‘monolithic plus’ architecture; almost everything happens in the monolithic C# web tier application and associated MS SQL database. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as cache management and document repository storage. We constantly optimise for performance. Fast sites are good for end user experience and important for search engine optimisation.

Our team

Our development team has grown rapidly in the last 18 months. We now have dedicated frontend developers, fullstack developers and devops engineers. Our work is split between launching new customer sites and ensuring that the platform stays fast and resilient. The work can be very varied with the opportunity to hone existing skills and work on new areas of the stack. We are always looking for great people to join our team.

What’s next?

The next stage of our growth builds on our plans to become the global provider of private capital market technical infrastructure. Not a trivial ambition! To achieve this we’ll be developing international deployment capability as well as enhancing multi-lingual and multi-currency capability. We’re also busy developing tools that will provide our clients customers with some liquidity and to make working with 3rd party services easier.

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